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I have 5 kids plus my husband and i, i need your assistance please email me with tips. I am putty in your hands to be molded. In Cincinnati Ohio if anyone knows what stores do what around here!! March 24, at am. Pretty excited about my shopping trip today! I went to a VONS here in california, and bought This was my first trip actually trying to cut my grocery bill down by any amount possible! It got me very interested in couponing just not sure about how everything works!

March 25, at am. November 28, at pm. I live in Delaware and we have a Rite Aid on every street corner in my area. I absolutely agree with the philosophy of using drug stores first to get a nice warehouse of free everyday essentials. This gave me some confidence in my ability to use the system and get comfortable gameplanning trips so when I made the big trips to the grocery store I had some experience.

Also it eliminates that unexpected purchase of necessity at full price when someone in the family runs out of a toiletry. That gives a lot of leeway to spend on things you want if you stock up for things you need for dirt cheap. October 7, at am. I had never really shopped at drugstores, but for coupon ing, I started at CVS also! It is way easy and when you see your savings, it makes you feel empowered to save more and to be able to move on to the grocery stores.

I always had thought WalMart was cheap but not anymore… now I know it is possible to save a ton of money by matching sales ads with mfr coupons, store coupons, and store cash back!

The Best Stores for Beginner Couponers

I am now addicted and have about 80 pages of clipped coupons all categorized by type, in the little baseball card holder slots! I work part time so I have some time for this money saving hobby and it also teaches my kids that taking some extra time preparing to shop can save a ton of money! June 27, at am. I started at Kroger and am new to couponing as well. December 2, at am. October 23, at am.

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I am desperate to start learning how and where to go. I live in ny and I find some stores when I walk in say we accept coupons or double coupons and stuff like that I just need a muse pretty much to guide me. September 19, at am. September 5, at am. June 26, at pm. June 23, at pm. Ok I am new to couponing. But pretty confident with monthes of researching. I have found a coupon b1g1 up to 1.

June 24, at pm. Stephanie Thanks so much, that helpful and informative. June 22, at pm. There are no stores in my area that will double or even triple any coupons on any days. The closest store is 45 mins away and they are much more expensive when I look at there online flyer. June 19, at pm. I am just starting out and doing some research and I need some help… The only store in my area that doubles is meijer and you can only use MFC and the in store coupon the other that does a good deal is walmart with the price match….

Just make do with what you have. Wait until the items go on sale and then use your coupons. I started couponing…everywhere. I just started a few weeks ago but I just take what coupons I know we will use, grab my sales papers and try to match up coupons for sales or my manufacturer coupons with store coupons. June 1, at pm.

Extreme Couponing 101: How to Extreme Coupon and Save 84%+ on Groceries

May 30, at pm. I live in a small town with only Safeway or Bashas… do you have any tips for either store? May 29, at am. May 11, at pm. Hi I want to start couponing, recently lost my job. Limt 4 like coupons in the same shopping trip. Could you please explain how this works, because I am totally lost. Thank you I appreciate your help with this. May 16, at am. Margaret , that just means that if you buy 1 bottle of shampoo, you can only use one coupon for that shampoo, but if you buy 4 bottles, you can use 4 coupons, 1 for each bottle, but no more than 4 coupons in one transaction.

There are exceptions to the one coupon for each item. Target is one. April 20, at pm. Also its hard to start with so little money to shop with in the first place. April 29, at pm. Then you will start to get room in your budgeting for stockpiling which will free up even more money. January 12, at pm.

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I spend allot of time asking manufacturers for coupons and only get them for items that we actually use. I blog about allot of products and manufacturers are willing to give me free products and coupons to help promote their items. If you get a product and you like it, let the manufacturer know. September 21, at pm. You go girl! Do you have any idea? I wonder… has coupon gotten easier since then or as I suspect, much more confusing? January 12, at am. I have it all planned out , much thanks to your website for helping me with this..

I started couponing with CVS because I could go there on my lunch, without my kids, and focus on just toiletry items. The grocery store seemed overwhelming to me because there were so many items, and coupons to choose from. I absolutely agree with you.

How to Coupon at Walgreens: 15 Rules to Save you Money

If you can CVS, the other stores will seem like a cake walk!! I go through the drugstore flyers, find which ONE has the most items I want that week, and then go from there. January 11, at am.

10 Most Popular Grocery Store Coupons Tips

I started officially couponing using your site and a local one in October. And then I learned all about how to save save save at the grocery stores and I just jumped in to shopping everywhere! I would call myself a couponer in training; I started about a year ago at Kroger. The register rewards confuse me a bit, though. How long are they good for?

The RR print out at the end of your order, so unless you do multiple transactions on the same day, you have to save them for your next trip. They usually are only good for 2 weeks so pay attention! It will also only give you one RR per item i. I hope this all makes sense. Eve , Eeesh… I avoid Walgreens at all costs. I started couponing about a year ago and got sucked into the whole drugstore game. WAGS became way too time consuming matching the right of items to cover the of my coupons , then I would get there and they would be out of something so my plan was ruined.