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OK - basically the way a song is split up is into 2 different halves; the writer's share, and then the Publisher's share. Now, there are different types of publishing deals. There are single-song deals, as well as year-to-year deals with options, etc.

Should You Sign a Music Publishing Deal?

Also, there is the standard exclusive songwriter publishing deal, where the publisher will advance the songwriter money, and then in essence own the copyright of the song s. To help lift the shroud, read on for some hard-earned wisdom from Natalie Nicole Gilbert , a Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter who has worked in music publishing, broadcasting, and licensing for 20 years.

It also helps to reach out once you have a set of materials that make it easy to demonstrate your marketability and level of skill and professionalism, items like professional-quality demos, headshots, cover letters, and ideally, your own website, including a hidden or password-protected spot where they can download digital copies of your available music. Even videos of your live performances can help. So with that in mind, if all you have today is a very rough MP3 and your last headshot was taken ten years ago, take the time to update your assets before you start pitching to publishers and catalogs.

The kind of artist that benefits most from a publishing deal is an artist who performs out very little, if at all. For an artist who is especially shy, exhausted by performing too much, or has other obligations and interests in life that prevent regular touring, a publishing deal is a great way to lengthen the life and reach of his or her music so it can circulate with other artists and mediums like TV, film, or sheet music.

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Much like your stock portfolio and general revenue streams, diversity is key — especially at the start. Pay special attention to the ways that different publishers request your materials. Label absolutely everything you send with your name and contact information. Assume that the CD will be separated from the cover letter, the DVD, and anything else you tuck in the package. Also, make sure your digital file metadata is clean, accurate, and plentiful.

Make interacting with your materials as simple as possible. Have you had great online sales via Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play? Include those sales numbers and a list of the continents where your music is downloaded the most; but again, keep it concise. Publishers tend to blame this on the forced tightening of belts following the fall in physical sales and the low profits from legal downloads.

Like the major record companies, they say the margins are slimmer so they prefer to sign writers that are more or less sure bets.

Understanding Publishing Contracts | APRA AMCOS Australia

But signing a fictional TV character is surely taking it a bit too far. Since the days of the legendary Brill Building songwriting hothouse , publishers have signed and developed songwriters who were not performers. Many of them, like Burt Bacharach and Hal David, went on to have amazing careers writing for other people. Publishers have always operated in a different way from record companies. The major labels all have a publishing side and often the publishing side has "propped up" the record side by being more profitable.

One of the reasons for this is that it's less costly to sign a writer, so if they don't succeed the loss is lower. Generally, as you sign a publishing deal, the publisher agrees to pay you a yearly advance in return for owning the copyright for everything you write during the time you're signed.

As opposed to record labels who have to spend money on recording albums, marketing, promotion and touring , all the publisher has to pay out is the advance and throw in some travel expenses.

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